Sunday, May 9, 2010

Charles & Keith collections

Charles & Keith is 'good' at having other designers' inspired bags. So, this one is very similar to Mulberry Poppy Drawstring Bag.

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This one is very roomy. I always carry this bag if I take public transportation because of it's long strap for sling, outer pockets for tickets/travel card, and long enough to chuck my folded umbrella!

A patent faux leather. I love this for it's dual function. The long strap can be hidden if I want to use it as a tote bag, rather than a shoulder bag.
One favourite for daily use. Hampir lunyai.

Actually, all these 3 bags were bought by hubby during his trips to Singapore. Without my consultation :) I just love them!


  1. hi. i deeply want to have the bag in the first picture. how can i find it??? no matter if it is second-hand.

  2. what brand is the bag in the third picture and where can i get it?